Datalogic Việt Nam

Lean Datalogic Việt Nam

Lean Datalogic Việt Nam

A 100% foreign owned company belonging to DATALOGIC S.p.A (Italy and the USA)

Datalogic ADC is the recognized number 1 worldwide leader in high-performance fixed position retail point-of-sale scanners and the number 1 provider of handheld scanners in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with the most complete line of general purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners available today.

Established in Saigon High-tech Park since January 8th, 2009, Datalogic ADC Vietnam LLC has continuously shown strong commitment turning VN into one of the largest Plants and R&D New Product Development centers in the whole corporation (along with Italy and USA).

CiCC conduct the training program as: Lean Implementer with.

  • Establish and sustain Strong continues improvement methods through Industrial Engineering and Lean methods
  • Initiate, lead and support Production improvement activities, through systematic and methodical programs
  • Run CIP projects/activities in different levels and range, from Macro plans: Capacity, material flow, synchronization Etc. to Micro level: workstations improvements develop Jigs Fixture, handling tool, Etc.
  • Take active part in leading Lean activity in SCSP
  • Workstation improvement, based on data, develop a periodical assessment per plan of all working station in entire BS site
  • Lead and track the continues Improvement programs for Operations
  • Lead line and workstation conversion (non-Process)
  • Manage and track company ATP programs
  • Take an Active part in SCSP strategic program as Automation, new plant, Etc
  • Take an active part in EHS programs including workstation ergonomic

Detail program as: xem tại đây

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